Hello all,

I started out in Software Development as a 14 year old. My interest came from a then, and current, mentor with me just hearing about how this career challenges people to work as team, problem solve, and innovate. I picked up PHP and Javascript that year going on to find and be given small gigs throughout high school. I got my first taste of mobile development for iOS in 2009 when a friend had an idea for a Poker app. Poker Royale went on to have a great deal of success and is still in the app store as of 2016.

After consulting for quite a while, I finally landed my first lucrative role with Alpine Electronics of America. There, I was able to really grow as a developer in becoming a better teammate, understanding dynamics of corporate culture, and making great connections. I was able to help big named automative based clients like Honda, Ford, and BMW with many software solutions.

Fast forward to today, I’m a Senior Mobile Developer for Cisco where my skill set has grown even more. I juggle many different programming languages and contribute to iOS, Android, PHP, and JavaScript based solutions. My contributions are 100% to Cisco branded applications (Cisco Spark, WebEx Meeting, and CWS Mobile Browser most notability)¬†and use mostly branded tool creations like Cisco Instant Connect, Cisco Data in Motion, and Flare.

I’m always open and looking for consulting opportunities so please don’t hesitate to reach me at greg@gregorybates.com.

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