Greg helped us with prototyping to demonstrate the capability of our device. He was able to develop the app in a very short time and most importantly whenever we needed changes to our app, he was very responsive and worked throughout the night to get it done. I truly appreciate his great work.

Dr. Kinuko Masaki – CEO at SmartEar

Greg is a pleasure to work with. I’m always impressed with the quality of work that he produces, and I’m frequently surprised by how quickly he delivers.

Zak Lance – Quality Assurance & Project Manager at Blue Rocket

“Greg has worked with Blue Rocket on a number of software development projects. During these engagements Greg has displayed technical expertise in his field, responsibility and determination, and the willingness to meet tight deadlines when they arise. Also, he is a pleasure to work with possessing an easy demeanor and a sense of humor and humility. I’d recommend Greg for any similar type of engagement.”

Jess Taylor – CEO at Blue Rocket

“Greg is a solid developer who can work on anything mobile related. He can work with precise requirements but also is able to work with fairly vague requirements. We utilized (and continue to utilize) Greg on projects from varying sizes from small two week turnaround projects all the way up to multi-month very complex projects. Greg also consistently does whatever is needed to help the project be a success, even when there are super compressed timelines. If I could sum up Greg, it is that we have not found a challenge he could not solve nor a project he could not deliver with high quality.”

Rich Chang – CEO at NewFoundry